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More Used Inventory

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Buying & Selling Tips

BUYERS - Looking to purchase Equipment?

Our offerings are not limited to our inventory.

We have many sources for Used Machinery. We represent equipment from End User Companies.

Also we work with many Industry suppliers who give us discounted prices that we can pass on to you.



This will expedite our search!

-Specify the manufacturers and model you prefer.

-Year of manufacturer. Do you want something less than 5 years old? Or would you consider

  an older machine if it is in good condition? Or maybe you just need a “Parts” machine. We can help with that too.

-Specify you time frame. How soon do you need the equipment in your facility?

- Do you require a physical inspection? Or is a Video sufficient?

- Verify if you have company approval to make a purchase




We Buy Used machinery! Please place us on your email list of surplus inventory:

Give us the details and we can help market your equipment through our extensive database and advertising.


FOR SELLERS-TIPS ON SELLING your used Machinery:

- Confirm that it is available for sale

- Provide Manufacturer, Model Number, Year of Manufacture

- Compete specifications with options or retrofits. Options are important!

- Photos. A clear and complete set of photos helps sell your equipment.  Take all angles, including Front, Back, side and inside.

- A current service History, if available

To get a higher offer on your equipment:

- If possible, leave the equipment in Production, space permitting, to facilitate a physical Inspection.

- Prior to de-installation, take a video of the machine running.  A Video helps sell your machine and will bring you more money! It demonstrates   

  that it is was fully functional.

- Run a diagnostic report and attach it to the machine.

- Assemble all manuals and extra parts, peripherals and spares.

- Include any service history reports

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