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PB-008 Cart
PB-001 Cart

Condition: New Product



1. ESD wheels

2. Anti-static material

3. Stainless and plastic

4. We have panel size: 630 mm

5. Standard size: L850*W550*H1260 mm, L900*W450*H1260 mm

Condition:  New Product


1. ESD PCB Cart

2. ESD Plastic Panel

3. Metal structure

4. Size 850*550*1260 mm

5. Storage capacity 300 Parts

6. 2 side panels (one side board holder)

7. 2 middle panels (two side board holder)

These are like the Metro handling carts

Cart includes 4 adjustable panels

Holds boards at a workable level for seated assemblers

Can store a large quantity of boards

Great for transporting "board work” in process

ESD PCB Carts / Racks

$655 USD
$780 USD
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